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34th Foundation Anniversary of DMMMSU

DMMMSU 34th Foundation Anniversary Celebration with guest of honor and speaker, Hon. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., Senator of the Republic of the Philippines.

January 15, 2015

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In grateful appreciation of the generous commitment of time, support & inspiration as benefactor and active partner of the University in the attainment of its vision, mission, goals and objectives, the DMMMSU awarded  Municipality of Agoo, La Union, La Union Provincial Library, Ildefonsa B. Salim, Benguet State University, National Library of the Philippines, Tebtebba Foundation, Western Mindanao State University and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology a certificate of appreciation last January 14, 2015 at the Jose D. Aspiras Hall, DMMMSU-SLUC, Agoo,  La Union. 10920959_10205527819542081_3313211161565251406_n 10891426_10205527821742136_3760217941333797554_n 10923335_10205527822462154_3807619284042533578_n 10336699_10205527824982217_8441937214982574119_n 10915147_10205527825462229_8606484576079708478_n 10923748_10205527826902265_5582063400387368893_n 10905998_10205527827062269_8717529449173944733_n 10931393_10205527829182322_3084006801890466831_n 10269396_10205527829942341_6563222760590916304_n 936663_724129191015704_6943457744289788479_n 10917113_10205527814541956_5666423530397587677_n 10620742_10205527814981967_1632060314316022279_n 10933997_10205527818542056_1576279537698549671_n