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The Library is the storehouse of knowledge. It had been instituted as a vital support system to provide continuously for the reading needs of students, faculty and the community. Effective utilization of the library facilities and services will help the student succeed in his academic life.

This library weblog is designed to provide the student with some general information about the SLUC Main Library, its set-up, service hour’s library regulations, as well as other library-related information.

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organizational chart

The DMMMSU-SLUC College Library is designed to serve the academic community with excellence in information resources that supports the university programs on its instructional needs. The Library functions in three major areas such as the Technical Services, Readers Services and the Auxiliary Services. The Technical Services comprise the function of acquisition and cataloging classification which are performed by Head of the Library Services specialized in the different technical functions. Cataloging and classification are the functions of the library for easy retrieval of information (from both print and non-print) materials intended for all its clientele.

The Readers Services provide the library users such as Referral, Bibliographic Verification, Binding, Duplication, Multimedia/Internet OPAC, current awareness, reference loans, factual and brief, references queries and reader advisory.

The Auxiliary Services provide additional services to enhance its contribution to the university, community. In this context, auxiliary services (of the college library) provide areas where important historical records, memorabilia, collections of audiovisual materials and others are kept. These include areas such as Archives, Audio-visual collection, depository area, artist/illustrator area, stack area and documentation.


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