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What’s New?

Technical Section


The new technical section of the library has been moved to a different location. It is now housed in a dedicated room at the first floor o the library building. It is fully air-conditioned so the users can feel at home, and there will be a dedicated custodian manning the section to help with the user’s needs. In the technical section, book cataloging and accessioning takes place.

Baggage Counter


The library also now has a dedicated baggage counter where the users can leave their belongings before entering the library. This is to ensure that all the books and reading materials are safe and properly accounted for.

Lounge Area


Another innovation in the library is the lounge area. It is located at the second floor of the building at the reading area. It is fully air-conditioned and users can use the area where they can comfortably read books.

Conference Area


The library now has conference area that the staff can use. It is where staff has their snack time and meetings. The students can use the area but they must follow the rules and regulations.

Multi-media as functioning Area


The library has also improved the multimedia section function well and that the student can use. In this area, class viewing of DVD/CD-ROM takes place just approach the assigned staff assigned in the area. It is where computer units is located and can be use. Other services like, CD burning (bring own CD) and printing. There are some policies that must be followed in the section that is posted in the bulletin board located inside the room.


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