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Objectives, Mission, and Vision


Saipan. One hands is holding a glass sphere and it projects the sky and the clouds at the beach.

The DMMMSU-SLUC Agoo College Library envisioned as a storehouse of knowledge and center of  excellence in information. Its resources, facilities, and services are organized and managed to provide intellectual growth and academic excellence to the instruction, research and extension and other programs of the College and the University and to render efficient service to all its clienteles (students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and the community as well.


A well-organized center for automated and updated linked resources with the various institutions in the region-country to support the different programs of the College and ultimately of the University. Its mission to educate DMMMSUians on how to fully utilize the library resources for their intellectual growth.


1.  To provide library services to the fullest extent supportive to the instructional programs of the institution/university.

2. To support and provide the needed library resources, facilities and services to meet the legitimate demands of the academic community.

3. To serve as the central reservoir of knowledge and intellectual resources of the academic community.

4. To serve as a technology-mediated learning resource center.

5. To provide access to on-line information




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