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What’s New??

What’s New?

The DMMMSU SLUC Library is a dynamic learning environment. Every year, we seek feedback from users and outsiders, as well as do research of our own, on finding ways to improve the library services and facilities.

Here are the new services provided in the Library:

  • WiFi

WIFI_Free_Spot-green-200pxA common misconception is that the term Wi-Fi is short for “wireless fidelity“.  The DMMMSU SLUC College Library now offers free wireless internet access to its users. Powered by a 1mbps connection, users with WiFi cable devices can now surf the internet for educational purposes while in the library premises for free! The users can use the service by just signing in the logbook provided only for WiFi users.

  • Free Computer Access

internet_access_globe_keyboard_illoIn addition to the free WiFi, the library now has a functioning computer room (called Virtual Section) that the students can use provided that they follow the rules and regulations. These stations are only to b used for research. Each student is given 30 minutes time to use this service to give chances to others to use the unit since computers are limited. To use this service user must sign-in in the provided logbook exclusive for computer users only.


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